Innovative leadership delivering results for our families

Open, responsive government

Camden County Democrats are putting the needs of our families and communities first—reducing the size of local government keep Camden County an affordable place to live and raise a family. To improve government accountability, Camden County Democrats worked to make more public records accessible online.

Shared county services to that lower your tax bill—while protecting quality programs

By streamlining county services through the Office of Shared Services, Camden County Democrats improved service quality for local governments, school districts and fire districts while saving taxpayers millions. Democrats slashed $22 million from the budget thanks to critical pension and benefits reform. And they’ve fought to hold the line on property taxes—adopting a budget that gave most property owners either a decrease or no increase in their county taxes.

A better future for our children

Camden County Democrats are strengthening public schools, building new libraries and ensuring all children have the skills to succeed in today’s changing job market. U.S. News and World Report named Camden County Technical in Pennsauken one of America’s best high schools, and Camden County College is one of the fastest growing two-year colleges in the U.S.

More, better-paying jobs

Working with local businesses and development groups, Camden County Democrats are using targeted investment initiatives to grow our local economy. Through investments in renewable energy, they’re creating “green jobs” and balancing economic development with smart growth measures, which protect our quality of life.

Alternative energy solutions to lower gas prices and utility rates

Camden County Democrats understand working families are being squeezed by the rising cost of gas andenergy bills. That’s why they support renewable solutions that lower energy costs and are working to save taxpayer dollars by increasing the energy efficiency of government offices.

A cleaner environment

Our children deserve space to play, live and grow. That’s why Camden County Democrats are protecting our green space, improving parks and recreation facilities and promoting recycling.