Cherry Hill Democrats Endorse Fresh Team for Council

The Cherry Hill Democratic Committee has unanimously endorsed and is proud to introduce three new candidates to run for Town Council this year. Jim Bannar, a Cherry Hill firefighter; Jacquelene Silver, a seventh grade teacher; and Susan Shin Angulo a dedicated public servant who works on the Township zoning board and human relations council. They will join recently seated Councilman David Fleisher on the Cherry Hill Democratic Party ticket this year.

The Democratic slate is focused on running a people-powered campaign that holds strong to the tenets of fiscal responsibility, transparent governing, and harnessing the green movement to create a sustainable society.

Banner, a resident for 43 years, lives in the Erlton neighborhood with his wife Susan and their two children. He has been a firefighter for more than 20 years and involved in youth sports for more than 15 years.

“I believe our team is built on a strong sense of service to the Township,” Banner said. “I’ve been a long-time homeowner in Cherry Hill and devoted my professional career to making sure our neighbors stay safe 24 hours a day. As a council candidate, I will also work to ensure our town continues to be an affordable place to live for families and seniors.”

Another fresh face in the Democratic Party is Silver, a current member of the Erlton South Civic Association who also serves on the board of trustees at Congregation Beth El. Prior to settling in the Township, she moved around the country with her husband- a former Air Force pilot who served in Iraq and is now a commercial airline pilot. Despite living in all corners of the U.S., when they chose to put down long-term roots, the Silver family chose Cherry Hill as the place in which to raise their two daughters.

“I am humbled to be selected by my fellow Democrats to run for Town Council. I’m looking forward to talking with residents about preserving our core services and working to enhance our town for future generations to come,” Silver said. “Now with Jim, David and Susan, I want to start a broad-based, positive dialogue with our community about how can we work together to keep Cherry Hill a vibrant community.”

Shin-Angulo worked in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries before becoming a full- time public servant. She has been serving on two Township boards as well as the board of trustees for the South Jersey Food Bank. She has lived in Cherry Hill for more than 10 years with her husband Michael and their two daughters in the Charleston Riding neighborhood.

“I have dedicated myself to public service and improving our Township and now I am looking forward to continuing to do that as an elected official,” Shin-Angulo said. “Over the next eight months I will focus my energy on talking to the community about reducing spending, providing recreation and keeping our children safe.”

David Fleisher - current councilman filling out the remainder of Shelley Adler’s unexpired council seat - was thrilled by the overarching support from every member of the local party for the new slate and looking ahead to the campaign trail.

“I believe we have a talented group of people that are dedicated to making sure Cherry Hill remains a place where community and commerce thrive,” Fleisher said. “Together we will be visiting the more than 100 neighborhoods throughout the Township to talk with residents about our plans and ideas to enhance Cherry Hill now and for future generations.”

Mayor Bernie Platt declared the new crop of candidates as “ready to serve” the people of Cherry Hill. He was impressed with the mix of proven leadership and fresh faces that will represent the party this fall.

“I sat down with the new candidates and I see a strong sense of public service that will transcend from the fire department, classroom and board room to our town council," he said. "These men and woman are extraordinary individuals and I know they will be an excellent fit to provide our special community with thoughtful leadership in the years to come.”

Councilmen Steve Polansky, Frank Falcone and Councilwoman Joyce Kurzweil cited a variety of reasons to forgo the next election cycle as three new members of the community have volunteered to carry on the deep rooted values and morals of the Cherry Hill Democratic Party. The aforementioned members of the Cherry Hill legislative body have decided to focus on their professional careers and families.

Steve Polansky, council president, said his career as an attorney and lecturer was taking more time away from his work as an elected official and would become more demanding in the years to come. His colleague, councilman Frank Falcone, said the current economic environment has made him focus more time and energy on his small business.

“There is no question that times are tough, and my business is demanding more of my time,” he said. “With those considerable constraints, I will not be running for reelection this year. Nevertheless, I fully support our party’s ticket in the upcoming election and will work hard on their behalf this year.”

Since 2005, Kurzweil, Falcone and Polansky have served together and have made hundreds of hard decisions as Town Council members. They are responsible for passing groundbreaking legislation including RecycleBank, the Township Green Action Plan and have guided a period of historic economic development throughout Cherry Hill.

Starting today, the Democratic Party ticket of Fleisher, Banner, Silver and Shin-Angulo will be preparing their outreach campaign to the citizens of Cherry Hill. For more information visit the Cherry Hill Democrats on Facebook or on the web at