Scot McCray, Joe Williams and Louis Cappelli Jr Talk About Public Safety in Camden County

Listen to Freeholders Scot Mccray and Louis Cappelli Jr. discuss the Camden County Police Force on Power 99 FM here.

Courier Post Endorses County Police Plan

OUR VIEW: In Camden, get the most for the money

Getting police costs under control and, thus, boosting manpower, is good for Camden. It’s something law-abiding residents tired of being afraid to step outside should welcome, especially when they start seeing officers on foot and bicycle in their neighborhoods.

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Sensible ways to curb gun violence

Read Assembly Majority Leader Louis Greenwald's guest column in the Star Ledger

Our comprehensive package of bills balances reasonable proposals to prevent gun violence in New Jersey while respecting the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens. The legislation strikes a balance between the right to bear arms and our public safety imperative to close dangerous gaps in our existing gun laws.

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Camden Children's Garden supporters fight eviction

Read about Senator Norcross' efforts to keep the Children's Garden in Camden

“The Camden Children’s Garden is where it belongs — right here in Camden,” Sen. Donald Norcross (D-5, of Camden) said to the crowd assembled to protest the state’s eviction of the gardens from the riverfront property it inhabited for more than a decade.

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