Camden gets new Bike Trails

Watch how Camden's new bike trails will benefit both commuters and businesses HERE

New officers roll in as violent city of Camden phases out force

Read about the steps being taken by the new Metro Police to make the residents of Camden feel safer.

“I’m looking to see a partnership form between the metro division officers and the citizens of Camden; that partnership is crucial to prevent future crimes,” said Freeholder director Louis Capelli, Jr., who helped develop the new force.  “For the first time in decades they’ll have officers walking the beat and in their neighborhoods on bicycles.”

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New county police force in Camden set to begin patrols

More than 30 members of the new Camden County Police Department Metro Division will be deployed on the streets of New Jersey's most impoverished city.

In addition, 23 new officers will begin field training with former members of the Camden police department. Those officers will share their experience of patrolling the streets.

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